Thursday, April 2, 2009

How will you spend your 10$ Tax Credit?

The "Making Work Pay'' tax credit, which amounts to around $10 a paycheck, took effect Wednesday, as part of the economic recovery package that Congress passed in February. This is a different form of stimulus than the one the last administration gave , which was all one lump sum. Individuals making less than 75k are eligible for the full credit and those making 95k get a reduced rate. Couples making 150k get full credit compared with couples making 190k.

Last year when I received my stimulus check I deposited it right into my money market account. I'm sorry I didn't need to purchase anything at that moment and thats the only reason I would use it. I could have easily gone out an purchased a brand new surfboard and loved the feeling, but I did not need one I have enough boards already. So I'm sure I did not help jump start a failing economy then and I will not be spending it now just because I see it in my paycheck.

When I moved back east I received a pay increase with a decrease in the standard of living. When I moved, I kept the budget I had in California as not having a pay raise. I used the same amount that I used to live off of out there, to live here . I had an extra amount coming in from my raise and I decided for it to be deposited into my money market and that I wouldn't ever feel the effects of it being in my primary bank account. Not only that, but I found out that I could cut the fat out of my budget and live more than fine.

Everyone has heard the more money you make, the more problems you have. In reality, it is not actually the money that is the problem, but it is the amount that you spend because you are now making more.  So if I receive $10 or $1000 I am am going to keep my lifestyle and spending the same(I must admit I live pretty good). Now if I have a kid or something that forces me to adjust my lifestyle then I will adjust my budget as well, but I will not allow money to dictate my lifestyle. (may I say,not at the current moment, ha!)

So what am I going to be doing with the few extra dollars that I get...I am going to stimulate my wealth and spend my hard earned, hard saved money on something I really want when I want. Not just because I see a bigger paycheck. So what are you going to do with the $10 Tax Credit, let me know in your comments!

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