Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Production is not private choice, but a public duty

Every Tuesday I like to use a quote or excerpt from Atlas Shrugged, espically since I read something and the next day on the news I here our government saying the same thing. Its funny how this book is being played out right before our eyes. This latest passage is from chapter VI - Miracle Metal.

The following is an excerpts from Atlas Shrugged, © Copyright, 1957, by Ayn Rand.

"that in the twelve-month period ending on the first day of this year, the rate of business failures has doubled, as compared with the proceeding twelve-month period. Since the first of this year, it has trebled."

"Be sure they think it's their own fault," "Whatever you do, don't apologize," said Dr. Ferris. "Make them feel guilty."

"I'm not apologizing!" snapped Mouch. "I am not to blame. I need wider power."

"But it is their own fault," said Eugene Lawson, turning aggressively to Dr. Ferris. "It's their lack of social spirit. They refuse to recognize that production is not a private choice, but a public duty. They have no right to fail, no matter what conditions happen to come up. They've got to go on producing. It's social imperative. A man's work is not a personal matter-or a personal life. That's what we've got to force them to learn."

"They have no right to fail, no matter what conditions happen to come up. They've got to go on producing." Isn't that what is happening to the auto industry? Haven't we all heard that we cannot allow GM to go bankrupt or go out of business? That so many people would lose their jobs? Isn't it what they(our government) are saying that it's social imperative that GM/Chrysler stay in business? see @ 2:15.

Have a good great day! Let me know your thoughts on this?

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