Thursday, March 5, 2009

Addicted to watching my money grow

I used to enjoy spending my money when I would receive my paycheck. I graduated college and moved out to California without a job. It took me a couple of months to find a job that I didn’t like, but it was a job and my money was going fast. It wasn’t a high paying job and I still had to really budget and did not have much left over. I was still looking for a job that a) I enjoyed and b) one I could live more comfortably. Well 911 hit and the job market just died, there were no jobs in graphic design or advertising. So I stuck it out and then moved on to a start-up and was getting paid even less. I worked hard to get this company off the ground but that too fell short. Two years later I finally got a job that I felt I deserved and had the extra money for some extra material objects.

The reason for the story is that when I finally got a little bit of money, my mind set was that I had been working hard for 4 years out of college and could not afford a Gatorade after playing basketball. So it was time for me to reward myself…I didn’t need material things to show people I made money or anything like that. I just really enjoyed being able to spend freely since I had been so tight the past few years. That mentality stayed with me until about 29.Now I am somewhat behind the game instead of being ahead of the game because of this mentality. Granted I didn’t do anything stupid so I am still ok with no debt and a emergency fund.

I have to say though that looking at my bank statement, retirement, 401k, etc…I feel a sense of pride and hard work for making the commitment now, to one day becoming wealthy. Not the kind that drives BMW’s (even though that would be nice!) but one that is not controlled by what bill is coming in next and if I am going to have enough to last me till my next paycheck.

I feel like I do when I exercise, if I work out really hard and take care of myself I never have the desire to eat badly. It just seems silly to work hard for something and then and go ruin it by buying something you don’t need or going to eat a burger and fries. It is addicting to watch your money grow and that’s why you should check you accounts regularly. A plant doesn’t grow overnight and same with your wealth. You have to take care of it everyday so that it grows how you want it to.

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