Monday, August 30, 2010

Jim Sinclair's Mindset on Federal Reserve

Seriously, it is hard to hide my contempt of this disgusting scene. This band of fools somehow believes that prosperity can be created by printing money without any consequences whatsoever. The US is sinking under a mountain of indebtedness and the Fed chairman tells us that it stands ready to engage in even more QE should the need arise. Flash to Ben – the need shall arise. China is already balking at buying US debt meaning you are going to have to buy it all yourself Ben.

What we are witnessing is the death throes of a debt-based monetary system of which those presiding over it apparently have come to believe their own delusions. The US public is learning what our grandfathers learned as a result of the Great Depression – Debt is something to be avoided – not heaped up and accumulated. That the borrower becomes the lender’s slave and that living beyond ones own means is inherently foolish and dangerous. That saddling one’s children and grandchildren with a debt burden that they did not create is immoral and wicked. Yet, all of this is lost upon the monetary lords who have their noses so close to the ground sniffing out the scent that they cannot see the path ahead leads off the edge of an abyss from which there is no escape. Or perhaps they do see and are attempting to secure their own parachutes before leading the rest of the masses over the edge.

I repeat – if lasting prosperity could be created by printing money and giving it away, previous generations that were wiser and more frugal than ours would long ago have stumbled upon this axiom.

That brings us to the war on gold. I am still amazed that after all these years and notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary, there are still those obtuse enough to insist that there are no official sector attempts to manage or stem the rise in the price of gold. Gold is the only currency that these debasement thieves cannot pollute by conjuring more of it into existence. It rises when distrust of paper currencies is high and confidence in the ability of those who supposedly manage monetary affairs wanes. Thus it is and always will be in direct competition with unbacked fiat currencies.

Our money masters hate the yellow metal because its rise mocks their absurd assertions and debunks their claims of being able to “manage the economy”. It strikes, dagger-like, at the very hubris of these elitists who think that they are wiser than the collective judgment of the entire market, they alone possessing such keen insight into the nature of these matters that we should entrust our financial health to their hands. Imagine the conceit of a few men who think that by pulling on this lever or pushing on this button, that they can assure continuous prosperity and lasting wealth for all. Every generation considers itself wiser than the previous one which is why history does indeed repeat itself. Arrogant men never learn for they lack the one thing essential to make one truly wise – the ability to admit that we do not know all things nor that we mere mortals can always fix what ails us.

-Dan Norcini

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Story of Spending

Again I have learned with my studies that its really not a left or right, Republican or Democrat, all politicians love to spend our money...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jesse's Café Américain: The Inflation and Deflation Debate Deconstructed

Jesse's Café Américain: The Inflation and Deflation Debate Deconstructed: "'What most people call reason is really rationalization. Given a new set of data, most people will search through it only for those example..."

Monday, August 2, 2010

July 10 Net Worth: $58k Overall 6.59% Growth

Another good month for us with the total net worth jumping up by 6.59%. This is the last month before we join our finances! We didn't have much going this month, we did have to put new breaks on one of our vehicles. We just need to keep this up we are feeling really good about our situation...
Lets break it down:

Cash & Savings: We saw a slight dip in our cash savings because of the purchasing of stock and PMs. Hopefully in the next few months we will see some growth as were have started to really kick up the saving for a downpayment for a home. This money grows from money directly transferred from paycheck into my money market, savings account and checking. This bracket holds the funds for insurance, auto maintenance, Roth IRA, and vacation. This is why it can be a little deceiving, it also holds my monthly budget in it. It has about 13-15k sitting around as savings the rest are funds that are going to be used at some point over the year. The rest is used on a daily bases for covering expenses, rent, food, auto, etc...

Stocks/Brokerage: This month we was slight tick up but that is mostly because purchasing of a gold stock Sprott Physical Gold Trust(PHYS) and Penn West Energy (PWE). I have about another 1k in the account which I am eyeing Exelon Corp (EXC) or more Exxon (XOM). As of right now I am holding back and hopefully save up some cash. The list of stocks I own (GLD)(EGO)(AUY)(AVARF)(RGLD)(ZQK)(XOM)(CVX).

*As you can see I am heavy in commodities in my brokerage account. This is all based on my thought that over the next decade the best investments are going to actually be in hard assets. My Roth/IRA/401k are in pretty common index funds and mutual funds so I figure I can go more risky with brokerage. I believe these will out perform equities in the next decade and if nothing else I feel more comfortable with my portfolio diverse. I am bearish on the US Dollar and US Economy, I believe that trillion dollar deficits are not going bode well for the USA.

Retirement 401k: This bracket is just me adding money to my 401k every month. Slight tick up this month...we will wait and see how the stock market plays out come the fall. Until then not tinkering with this.

Retirement IRA's: Slow growth here this month. I still think the market is going to correct itself. I pulled back half of my Roth into cash, so have about half my retirement in cash right now. I will keep cash on the sidelines and just try and max out my fiancés and my Roth's next year. In this bracket I have all Vanguard Funds (VTSMX, VGSTX, VEIEX)

Debts and Liabilities - Vehicle under 8K!! Credit Cards done...

Credit Cards: Breaks on one of our vehicle and flights out to a wedding on the west coast, they will both be payed off by end of the month. I pay off any Credit Card debt monthly.

Car Loan: I am paying 4% APR on it so I am paying a little, but not a ton. Still looking to pay it off early-will probably be a goal this or next year. We are still saving up for a house so not sure its in our best interest to get rid of our cash sitting to be debt free on my vehicle.

May is now in the bank, I am still extremely bearish on the world economy and the US economy...We are headed for a financial storm and it is very important for all of us to be up to date on current events. It time to be prepared for the worse and pray for the best.

One thing I am excited about next month is the we will be combining our finances in August and will be showing it next month...looking for a jump in total net worth. Until then good luck with your own budget and growing your wealth.