Monday, April 20, 2009

Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring: Part I

Over the rest of the week I will be posting a three part series about my process from start to finish on purchasing an engagement diamond ring. This is part one of three so check back on Wednesday and Thursday.

Recently I got engaged to my girlfriend while we were on vacation, but before all the fun stuff happened I had to go through the process every man SHOULD and WANT to go through. That is, picking out that perfect diamond for the person you are going to be with the rest of your life.

Here are some pretty interesting facts about these little beauties before I get into my process.

A diamond is the allotrope of carbon where the carbon atoms are arranged in an isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice. WHAT?

The word comes from the Greek word "adamas," and this means "unconquerable and indestructible."

Diamonds in fact don’t last forever, but “only” several million years before they disintegrate.

To produce a single one-carat diamond, 250 tons of earth will be mined. 

A diamond has very high melting point of 3820 K (3547 °C / 6420 °F) and a boiling point of 5100 K (4827 °C / 8720 °F).

The diamond is the hardest natural substance found on the earth.

So no matter what advertisers say that make people want to go out and spend a lot of money on a Diamond, you must admit that it is a pretty kick A$$ mineral! And who deserves it more than the person you love most on earth. I think finding the right Diamond, big or small, expensive or inexpensive is sort of like picking a pet if you have been through the process. You kinda pick each other once you come across the one you know its right, even though it might take some time.

I will share my experience with you, only as how I picked out the perfect diamond...for my fiancé. It might not be the perfect diamond for you or for that someone special in your life, but take my experience and learn, build, and let it inspire you.

As an introduction to where my journey began, I heard numerous times that I needed to talk with my girlfriend and figure out what she wanted and that we should go look together. I knew my girlfriend enough without ever talking about it that she would want me to pick the diamond ring out for her and surprise her. I did ask here mother and her sister and neither of them knew exactly what she wanted. She admitted after that she didn't know anything about diamonds and frankly didn't want to be apart of it. Personally, I wanted to pick the diamond and since I'm never going wear it or anything it made me take a lot of pride in picking it out instead of just paying for it.

Some guys will definitely want to go with their girlfriends to look or they might at least want to know what she is looking for, but do not feel the pressure if you think she wants you to pick it out. Tomorrow I will be talking about my process with going into the store and actually looking at diamonds and purchasing the one.

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