Monday, April 13, 2009

Vacation's Over but Life is Just Beginning!

So we are back from our vacation in California and have had a blast. We probably over extended ourselves a little and my budget is not going to look pretty this month, but its all worth it because we just got engaged! We (the fiancĂ© and me) will both be doing double time on not spending any extra money this next month so that we can keep our budgets in tact. 

So I will have some new post in the upcoming months about buying a Diamond for the first time, combining finances, marriage budgets, and other post that fall into these categories. We are also looking to purchase a home this year before the first time home buyer tax credit expires.

If anyone has some good advice or suggestions for us please let us know...I have bookmarked a few blog post other bloggers have written on some of their experiences and will post some in the future. Any advice or tips would be great because after all, this is a blog that I started not only to start a conversation with others but to help me out with finances in different stages of my life.

I am also hoping to get up and running a little better with postings, right now I am at about 3-4 post per week but want to see if I can make it at least 5 post a week. Please keep posting comments and please give me all of your feedback!


  1. welcome back my friend! def. wanna hit up Cali again myself in the near future....looking forward to your up and coming posts, always cool seeing how others do things :)

  2. thanks J! Ya man it was a blast! We definitely over extended ourselves.