Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Target...Where have I been?

I know I will be pretty late on this one but where have a been the last few years and why have I not been shopping at Super Target for my groceries? I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when my fiancĂ© suggested going there to get our groceries for the week. Not that I hated Target or anything, but I had never been to a Super Target where they had groceries. I was only doubting it because I wasn't sure they would have everything we needed and the quality that I had wanted. We had shopped at Super Walmart before but the quality of their fresh produce and meats just were not up to the standard that I prefer.

Well, I was proven very wrong with only one shopping experience. Our weekly grocery bill is somewhere between $100.00 and $115.00 at normal stores like Harris Teeter with their club cards. We have gone to the Super Target for the past 3 weekends and our prices have been easily $10-$20 cheaper. I also have been enjoying the "fresh market" brand food just as much as my normal brands (thats saying a lot, as I am a brand whore). I would even say that their brands are better, for instance, their yogurt is way better than the Harris Teeter brand we used to get.

On top of lowering our grocery bill every week we can also pick up cheaper items like trash bags, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, a reasonably lower price than at a regular store.

The Super Target is a tad bit out of our way but I think it makes up for it in the little bit of money that we will save every week, month, or year. I would recommend anyone like me that has a certain standard of quality for their groceries to give Super Target a chance.  I am pretty certain that you will be turned into believer just like I was. I have to admit that the produce could be slightly better as I prefer farmers markets to grocery store's anyway, but I cannot complain with the amount of money that we are saving and enjoying the food as much as before I tried Target.

Any other places I am sleeping on? Post a comment and let me know!


  1. You gotta hit up Costco! Gotta be careful and disciplined though. I stick to puppy pads, toilet paper, spices, soup and nuts. Good stuff.

  2. I to had never visited a Super Target until I moved my Mom out to Indiana. I took her grocery shopping there and was very impressed, both with the prices and the selections. Since I don't have one around here, I use a Super Walmart which serves me well for most items.

  3. I have had good luck there back in college. Grant (from the Corner Office Blog fame) and I lived around the corner from one and would find pretty good prices on a lot of things. A good tip is to check ever so often. It seems like once every couple of months they have some ridiculous deals.

  4. Super Target also has great deals on Kashi and organic products... which can get so expensive at other stores. A good place to look if you are a healthy eater on a budget!