Monday, August 3, 2009

July 09 Net Worth: $52k Assets - $35k Overall 9.23% Growth

Little over half the year and we are still rolling and still growing every month. It is such an amazing feeling to see my money growing in such a short period of time. Seems like we have a major purchase every month, and July was no different, we purchased a TV. I know that a TV isn't a need, but our main TV is broken and I need a TV before football season starts up(will save me money on not going to a bar, ha). On top of that, TV's are so cheap and we have the money for it. We have a lot of extra expenses coming up in August so I am not sure this month is going to be so kind to us as the past few. Lets break it down:

Cash & Savings: After falling off last month and not making my budget I finally had my budget balanced again. It did not grow as big as it has over the past as I moved over around $800.00 into my brokerage account(thinking about shorting the financials). This bracket holds the funds for my down payment on house, engagement ring, insurance, auto maintenance, Roth IRA(before I max it out), and vacation. This is why it can be deceiving, it also holds my monthly budget in it. It has about 16-17k sitting around as savings the rest are funds that are going to be used at some point over the year. The rest is used on a daily bases for covering expenses, rent, food, auto, etc...

Stocks/Brokerage: This reflects transferring around $800.00 into my brokerage account along with other stocks doing well for the month. I have around $2500.oo in my past employee stock option plan that I am planning on selling if the Dow goes to 10k.

Retirement 401k: We saw increase growth from the stock market last month and it is being reflected here. At the end of the day these are long term investments, so no need to stress or get happy if it loses or gain slightly. I am still throwing the idea around to pull everything back into cash if the Dow goes to 10k which at this point who knows what is going to happen. I have my old 401k with my old company which is the majority of my retirement at the moment. I need to it rollover into my vanguard IRA account. If the dow hits 10k I will roll it over and let it sit in cash until we see what happens. I truly believe we are going to see a major pull back in the market come fall/winter.

Retirement IRA: This area was up big time and it feels great, I cannot seem to get over 5k, but I will once I purchase some shares at the end of year to max out my Roth!

Debts and Liabilities - Vehicle and Credit still high

Credit Cards: Most of this is still the engagement credit card with a 12 month 0% APR, I am not going to put much of a dent into this debt until the 12 month, when I will pay it off in full. I have that money going straight into my saving account creating a little interest off of it till I pay it in full. As I mentioned in the overview we purchased a new TV that is where see the extra 1,200.oo, it will be paid in full before interest is assessed.

Car Loan: Same story as last month...slowly paying it off every month. It has crossed my mind to try and sell it(for a used better gas mileage vehicle), I just have a lot going on and really don't want and have to deal with it at the moment.

So there you have it, I am very pleased with where I stand! August is going to be a crazy month with some vacation, bachelor party, and the start of football season, so I am going to have to really watch my budget. Once again I want to show that if you know where your money is going you can start to create wealth. If look at my net work graph on the right it has been growing every month. Hope you are having as much success as myself, remember as long as your working towards saving the more growth you will eventually see!

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  1. Wow man, look at that growth - you've got me checking out my asset/liability ratio each month now too.. heheh! :D