Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peter Schiff - Recession to Depression

Sorry, more doom and gloom, but I want all you to know that Autumn is coming...

Here is some of his solutions if you are interested:

Once the US's economy collapses we as a country will go through some hard ships, but we will become a better nation for it. I can see the winds changing right now, they are just slowly changing. I am guessing when the "real crisis" happens, the change will come rapidly and Americans will wake up to what's going on.

Am I wrong? Have we seen the bottom yet? The media and our government think that we have, the stock market is rising. I personally just don't see it? The numbers coming out are bad, really bad(and are not correct, out government is scared to let us know the truth about how bad the situation is)—they just do not look like the past numbers that were even worse. Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I've got a post up about Autumn and the markets, today, too - check it out. I'm keeping some cash ready to take advantage of some stock sales.

  2. Nice, I hadn't see the ReasonTV video. It seems to me that many Americans don't like thinking about anything unless it's right in front of their face - (i.e., when it's too late, usually) hence any propositions in regard to the future are tossed off as crazy speculation.

    Perhaps the one exception to this is in regard to "socialist" health care. (I find it unfortunate that universal gun-ownership is built into the American identity and the idea of universal health-care is seen to threaten it.)