Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ad Sense Disabled

This morning I was about to write my post when I received a email from google saying my ad sense was suspended. I am not sure, but I believe that some readers might be clicking on number of ads and Google feels it is within there invalid clicks and impressions outlined in the ad sense privacy policy. I have requested to reinstate my ad sense for my site even though it might not happen or take a few months. In the meantime I will continue to blog and hope you enjoy the ad free blog! If my account gets reinstated please only click on ads that you are interested in and not for any other reasons.

Just to keep everyone updated, I now have 2 major issues with blogger/google. Currently my web domain www.mymoneyshrugged.com is lost in the matrix(seriously). I understand the internet and understand mostly how everything works, as I work in the industry. I cannot figure out though why blogger says that this website is already hosted at another address. I spend close to 20+ hours going through google help and godaddy where I registered the name. There is no hope for getting my custom domain name at the moment. Now I have this ad sense issue which is seems very vague and seems like I am at the mercy of google to decide if I should get reinstated. Hopefully they will be able to fix the ad sense issue.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for still be loyal readers and supporters of My Money Shrugged! Please spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, etc...that I am blogging about personal finance and government intervention.


  1. sounds like the government has gotten word of your dangerous blog and has decided to intervene . . .

  2. oh, boy..... I too went looking for mymoneyshrugged.com and couldn't find it.... it shows up as a weird google page. That's too bad about adsense, but you know there are a dozen comparable networks that practically look just like adsense - maybe just go with one of them. From the little I know, it might be really hard to get your adsense acct back (unfortunately). Check out Bidvertiser or Adbrite or something.

  3. Switch to netsol, I've had too many issues with godaddy, but I guess that's why they are cheap.