Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Main Resources for Creating Wealth

It took me 29 years of walking this earth to realize how hard, but how simple it is to create wealth. The journey of creating a lifetime of wealth is a long road with a lot of turns and bumps. You are going to have a ton of obstacles along that road of creating wealth that are beyond your control. I have found that it is best to focus on the things that I can control and use all the tools out there to keep myself on course while being prepared. To keep myself straight I have some main resources that I use everyday to inspire and to keep me accountable with keeping my goals in check. I will share these with you and hopefully you can find some or all of these helpful while inspiring and keeping you on track.

My Blog/other blogs: Honestly this is the main inspiration at the moment, I started my financial road to wealth by looking for a budget and came across PF blogging. I started to follow a bunch of blogs and finally wanted to put my own journey in a diary format, so I started my own blog. My blog along with the community of bloggers help me to take or at least think about my goals daily. Other bloggers help inspire me and help give me ideas about saving and investing, I can actually see how others are taking care of their money and how they are creating wealth. Click here see a list of PF blogger via pfblogs.org

Books/Magazines: Books and Magazines are a great resources that you can learn so much from, as we all know, reading is so essential to the learning process. I don't have as much time as I would like to read, but I have a list of books that I want to eventually read. I am on the last 150 pages of Atlas Shrugged, so I will have more free time to read once I finish it, since this is pretty much all am reading. I read Money Magazine cover to cover every month and it helped me with basics of understanding investing and such.

Family/Friends: This is a resource that I am constantly tapping, wether it be a my money, my career, my retirement, my benefits, or I just need inspiration, it is the best "go to" that I have. My father is a successful business man who has been through most of the questions I have. I am so blessed to have him and see how successful he has been, through his ups and downs, he has got so much knowledge and I love picking his brain. My mother is a successful real-estate agent that decided in her 40's to go back and get certified. Now she is one of the most successful in her community, I have seen the hard work that she has put in with going back and making a successful business/brand of herself. My sister has always been so good with money that I could never appreciate it till I was older. I can truly say that she was born with an instinct to save. When we were little we would go to the beach and our parents would give us $20 to spend on stuff we wanted, somehow I would spend the whole $20 the first day on video games. She would save half of money for the week and somehow let me borrow money as long as I paid he back with interest. She was my first credit card, and she has always made the right financial steps with her money along with being such a hard worker and being successful. My family and friends that have been successful are great resources that if I have a question, I can always just call them up. My parents have always said to surround yourself with greatness and you will become great.

Radio/Podcast: I have about a 35 min commute to work everyday and I love it, at least going there. I listen to Dave Ramsey for those 35 minutes and it inspires me everyday to be smart with my money. It also reminds me how blessed I have been not to rack up a lot of debt and how to never lose control on spending and wanting stuff (even though I have had my fair share of both in the past). I also have Dave Ramsey on Podcast, so that when I feel like being inspired I listen to it.

Twitter/Online: I have always read articles online, but now that I have a twitter account and follow so many PF Bloggers, I am currently getting bombarded with great articles that others have found. Other bloggers send out their post as well so it is a great resource for me. If you would like to follow me click here. I will post articles and blog post from myself and other PF Bloggers that I follow. I promise you if you have a twitter account and follow other PF Bloggers that you will have more reading than you have free time! Here is a list of PF Bloggers on twitter via savingforserenity.

Budget/Net Worth: One of my favorite post to read and write about each month is the Net Worth update on blogs around the net. This helps me track my progress personally and allows me to see my wealth growing —slowly but surely! I also look at other bloggers Net Worth to stay inspired and see any methods that I can implement. You can gain a lot of knowledge and some inside perspective to how they are creating their wealth. It also reminds me that if I stay on course that I can build my net worth to a level I never imagined.

I love keeping a eye on my finances and it has becomes very addicting to watching it grow. Do you have any resources that help keep your finances on the road to success? Drop a comment and let me know!

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  1. Nice post - I had not heard of PFBlogs.org until reading this entry just now. I'm going to check it out and see what other cool blogs I can find. Thanks!

  2. Thanks David! Thanks for starting conversations on MMS! Ya there are a ton of great blogs on PFBlogs.

  3. Yeah dawg, good lookin' out. You hit the main resources here for sure. Even scouring just ONE of those sections would greatly benefit people! But the more the better of course...esp with blogs ;)