Monday, June 1, 2009

May 09 Net Worth: Slow and Steady Growth

Another month in the books and another month of growth! It wasn't as exciting as last month, but I will take 13% jump every month, it sure beats losing money. We did not see the jump in the stock market like last month, so it is encouraging that I had a nice jump.  Debt at the moment is still really hurting my net worth but its one of those things that I just have to keep paying off. Here is the break down:

Cash & Savings: I saw a nice little jump in this category. I have a few funds growing in here and it houses the fund for my engagement ring. This also has my monthly budget in it so it isn't just sitting there as a savings account. It is used on a daily bases for covering expenses, rent, food, auto, etc...

Stocks/Brokerage: Nothing much changed here...I actually lost some money.

Retirement 401k: Slight jump from last month, mostly to the new money going into it from paychecks, as the stock market is sitting about the same place it was last month. I am ok with the steady growth here, especially since we were losing money a few months back. At the end of the day these are long term investments anyways, so no need to stress or get happy if it loses or gain slightly(just no big dips).

Retirement IRA: This has had a good month of growth and I only added $100.00 to the mix so the fund performed really well for me. This month I will moving my account over to Vanguard and am currently researching different funds to transfer to.

Debts and Liabilities - Vehicle and Credit still high

Credit Cards: Most of this is still engagement credit card with a 12 month 0% APR, I am not going to put much a dent into this debt until the 12 month when I will pay it off in full. I have that money going straight into my saving account creating a little interest off of it till I pay it in full. I also had car maintenance last month and purchased 2 airline flights so I will pay those off before I get charged interest.

Car Loan: Still the same...slowly paying it off every month, regretting I purchased a new car a couple years ago. It is nice knowing I have something reliable though, so I cannot complain to much, I also plan on driving it into the ground.

So there you have it, another great month down and hopefully another great month to come. This month isn't looking to crazy except a trip to NYC which can sometime get expensive going out for dinner and drinks and such.

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