Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Things not to say at work

I think we all know how bad the economy is and during the economy most of us are just happy to have a job when so many are losing them everyday. This weekend while I was driving around, running some errands I heard a topic on talk radio about the 10 things not to say at work. When I got home I googled the article and found a couple articles which seem to have the same origin. In this article by Rachel Zupek for Careerbuilder she has a nice list, check it out for more details.

Here are the ten things you should never say at work:

1. "That's not my job.": We have all wanted to say this before, but it shows that you want to do the least amount that is necessary for success.

2. "I don't mind helping you with that." (With a fake smile pasted on your face.): Don't offer to help and then complain about it. Running a business or being hired as employee, you do what it take to make your job and the company successful, even if you do not feel like doing it.

3. "Don't tell anyone I said this, but ... ": Gossip is human nature, but don't do it at work, if it really is a secret keep it to yourself, besides are you willing to trust that person to not go and gossip and to associate your name with it?

4. "I haven't gotten a raise, EVER.": This just proves to who ever that you are not productive. Salaries are based off how productive you are and asking for a raise based off the time you have been with a company just says "I want more money" - not that you deserve it.

5. “It’s not my fault.”: This is a classic— I work a few people that say this everyday. No one cares who fault it is, if you have already dropped the ball, fix it. for the most part everyone I work with is good at their job, so when you hear it constantly you know it the person always mentioning that "It's not my fault" is the one who is at fault.

6. "I'm so ... stressed out/busy/sick of working here.": Complaints, complaints, and more complaints—everyone is stressed, everyone works hard, no one want to hear anybody complaining and telling you their problems. This is very easy to do, I have to admit I have used this one before... I only do it with coworkers who understand my situation and know that it is just venting. (FYI - In advertising you have to vent or you are going to lose it, eventually.)

7. "Whom did you vote for?" or "What religion are you?": Well, this one went right out the door when it comes to advertising - almost every single co-worker of mine has a Shepard Fairey Obama Poster. Even my boss told the company he was voting for Obama (which I was absolutely floored when he said that) All I know is that I didn't let anyone know my views till after the elections, which I simply said I don't like any of those turkeys up in Washington

8. "I got so trashed last night ...":Oh the classic Friday morning water cooler conversation. You just don't want this to get back to the boss, even though again with advertising you might hear this on any day of the week. 

9. "I don't have time for that.": Everyone is busy and if your boss ask you to do something, you better step up and fine time for it. If not then it is going to lead to more time management on you. They will make sure all your time is spent correctly.

10. “…or else.”: or else what? If you threaten, be prepared to face every consequence that is coming you way. This truly is a no-no.

These are a good outline that the best workers should review every so often. Sometimes we get in traps and hear people complain, and bitch and the next thing you know we are doing the same exact thing. I try and avoid those types of co-workers, and do my best to live with them if I am on a project with them. Do you have co-worker who do these? Have you ever done these? Leave me a comment.


  1. Can I just say that 1-10 happen daily at my job and I work in a very small office. It is unreal what goes on here and who keeps their jobs and who gets 'laid off'.

  2. That is a pretty good list there, and it basically covers most of the big mistakes people make that keeps them from getting promoted. I've heard people actually say some of these - word for word.

    I did pretty well at my last job by always admitting to mistakes, and always saying I'll do something as that was asked of me. I was well liked and promoted several times, but it really burned me out. Maybe using a few of those lines would be good every now and then.. heheh