Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comment by Cognitive Dissonance

This post is from a regular reader By the name of Cognitive Dissonance over at Zero Hedge, and thought I would share it with you:

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by Cognitive Dissonance
on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 16:47

I am convinced more and more every day this bill is DOA. They simply can’t let this pass in any form whatsoever other than purely ceremonial. The Ponzi can't be exposed to the light of the day for it will not survive.

As I've talked about repeatedly, all Americans (not just corporate or white collar, but blue and green collar as well) have been deep captured by the Ponzi. Their future is wrapped up in their homes, their 40(k)’s and their public and private pensions. They knew deep down inside their hearts this train ride would end some day and they’re sick to death that time might be now. And they don’t wish to face that truth.

Given the choice of exposure now, causing asset classes to drop like a rock when the true extent of the corruption, counterfeit Treasuries and MBS, blatant influence peddling by the Fed and so on (followed by what I believe will be slow but sustainable growth over 10 years) or the slow melt down into deep recession/depression most people hope and pray will be the preferred outcome (unless you are a double shot espresso Kool-Aid drinker and you believe nirvana is around the corner) the choice is obvious. Do nothing and hope for the best.

We The People are addicted to false hope because false hopes bind us to impossible conditions and situations. As long as we can convince ourselves that recovery is just around the corner, we won't do the really hard work required to stop this madness, cut out the corruption and filth and get on with building a more sustainable world.

It’s just not going to happen until people want it to happen. I beg everyone to work on the people you know who are in denial. Don't give them huge doses of reality all at once because they’ll simply turn you off like the TV. And don't talk at them. Please don’t point the finger at them and say you should know this or that. It’s poison and all it’ll get you is hostility.

Present your ideas as a narrative about yourself and your own personal road to understanding and awareness. Tell them “I used to believe this about the world but when I began to look in some uncomfortable places, I found this and that.” People have a tendency to listen if they don't feel they’re being lectured to, that the speaker is exposing a personal, hidden and vulnerable side to the listener. Allow the listener to feel empathy towards you rather than force the listener deeper into his or her denial. Seduce them with an honest look at yourself by yourself.

It works. I do it all the time and people listen. Don't make yourself out as a hero for learning the truth. Expose yourself as a reluctant truth seeker who was shocked and saddened by what you found. But now that the shock has worn off, you’re even more determined to stop the insanity. I suspect you won’t need to lie about that fact.

Focus on 5 people and slowly spread the word. It’s our only hope folks.
This is how I try to approach thing when speaking with people about this, but I am not doing so well at it? I will keep trying though as it is the only way to make it stop is to reach we the people.

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  1. Every time I try to share these things I find the same exact thing. Treading lightly and sharing it with people like a story of my discovery is SOOO much more effective than being hard lined and sounding strongly opinionated. I have lost the battle multiple times because I came off too strong. I am trying to improve.