Monday, November 2, 2009

October 09 Net Worth: Out of Equities into Precious Metals

October was a another good month for me, my net worth was up 10% and broke the 40k mark—50k is on deck with 100k sometime soon!

Lets break it down:

Cash & Savings: We saw cash saving jump up 3k mostly because of a bonus at work, I am so blessed that my company is doing well at the moment with all that is going on with this economy. I still do not see much growth in this area over the next 4-5 months with all the wedding and honeymoon stuff that we will have to pay for. This bracket holds the funds for my down payment on house(which is pushed back another year), engagement ring, insurance, auto maintenance, Roth IRA(before I max it out), and vacation. This is why it can be a little deceiving, it also holds my monthly budget in it. It has about 16-17k sitting around as savings the rest are funds that are going to be used at some point over the year. The rest is used on a daily bases for covering expenses, rent, food, auto, etc...

Stocks/Brokerage: As you can see I sold all my stocks this month. Most all of that $688 is all shorting the financials/stock market and the rest sitting in cash in my brokerage account.

Precious Metals: All the money from selling my stocks I bought gold stocks(see previous post)

Retirement 401k: This braket is just me adding money to my 401k every month. Not seeing much growth here this last month. I not really checking on this bracket as it really long term and I just keep pumping money into it every paycheck.

Retirement IRA's: Overall I lost money this month with my Roth as I have started to dollar cost averaging in to max it out the rest of the year. I still have a big chunk of cash sitting on the sidelines which will hopefully be maxed out before April 15th. If I still think the market is going to correct itself I will keep it on the sidelines and just try and max out my fiancés and my Roth's next year.

Debts and Liabilities - Vehicle and Credit still high

Credit Cards: All of this is still the engagement credit card with a 12 month 0% APR, I am not going to put much of a dent into this debt until the 12 month or January/February, when I will pay it off in full. I have that money going straight into my saving account creating a little interest off of it till I pay it in full.

Car Loan: See last month with starting to think abut paying it off in full at some point—This will probably be next year, as I don't want to take that big of chunk of saving out for it t the moment. I am paying 4% APR on it so I am paying a little but not a ton. Still looking to pay it off early-will probably be a goal next ear.

So overall October was a good month. Still kicking up the saving as I have wedding and honeymoon expenses coming down the line.

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