Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adding Gold Stocks to Portfolio

So this week I have added some Gold stocks to the mix. Honestly, it is a tad bit scary, as I have only recently been researching gold. Commodities in general kinda freak me out, but this move is something that I truly believe in. I have been following every camp from inflationist, deflationist and stagflationist and even reflationist. I realize that some are calling for a gold bubble and that it could all come crashing down. Personally do see it that way, but I take that into consideration. I think of it more as a hedge against everything. The more I research gold and look into it, I believe I will always keep a percentage of my portfolio as precious metals.

I think that with all the economic turmoil and the continuation of the Fed's total disregard for the dollar that at least I need to protect a certain amount of my cash I have sitting around.

I haven't yet, pulled the trigger on purchasing hard gold or silver. I have been checking it out though.

I like to believe I will always be a saver and that any purchase of hard gold/silver will be the protection of my wealth. As a saver I believe in gold, and the value your wealth has attached to it. Again I would not buy gold as an investment, but more of safe haven of my wealth (which hopefully I will have one day!)

So, I have added a small bit of (AUY, GLD, EGO) and will be showing up in my net worth this coming week.

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