Monday, July 27, 2009

The Great Reset

This a series of videos that I watched over the weekend and is very interesting. I would take the time and watch for yourself if you have the time. The really small synopsis of the presentation is that America is going to reset. That it is going to be something similar to the Soviet Union collapse, but worse because of our entitlement(as a country) to use the worlds resources and not produce anything except debt. I am not saying agree with him totally, but I like to look at all information that is out there and determine my own conclusion. If I find something interesting I will post it whether I agree or not.

Part 2a - Great Reset - The Unfreezing (click to watch)

Rationalization becomes the watchword of any crisis. The systemic change has occurred yet we cling to old constructs. We are unable to see that things have changed permanently. We resist the truth and we try to get old systems to resurrect themselves. In this phase of change few people see what has been going on but the system clings to itself. We talk about the Iron Triangle which has locked us into the present system.

We move from rationalization to realization. On an International basis we see some anticipation of the change, domestically we have denial. Domestically the largest risk pertains to our expectation that things will remain "integrated." Overall, we have a break in our entitlement system.

We have the opportunity to move towards a new ideal in which the average family can be sustained on 20 hours of work per week. We simply have to switch our value system around to a new model envisioned by the likes of Buckminster Fuller in the 1970's. Since we do not plan for the inevitable we are going to have to move through a phase of crisis the likes of which we have not seen in America.

I would also take the time to read the comments people have made. They talk about why they agree or disagree with the presenter and in the end you come up with your own conclusion.


  1. Thanks for posting this.... I'll watch it a bit later. Something like this will happen, I do think. It's called "crazy" now, but once it happens these will all be buzz words in the media just like "bailouts" and "stimulus" are now, just as people would have thought the fundamentals of the US economy were "too strong" to break the way they did previous to the Sept 2008 collapse. When you combine this with peak oil and the demographic problems that will start in about 2012, it doesn't look pretty. Best to prepare now and live more sustainably now... frugality isn't just about being cool and saving cash because everyone else is doing it.

  2. I went ahead and watched the whole bit just about to the end. I think the gentleman in the video had a lot of interesting ideas and good points, but all together it seemed a little unsupported and disjointed. He put forward a lot of suppositions without any real evidence or citations provided to give credence to his claims.

    He seemed to focus too much on the overarching structure of his argument while ignoring the necessity of actually proving his claims.

    And some of his points were a little ridiculous to me - like where I think he was suggesting that relying on cars for transportation is bad simply because they were invented at the end of the 19th century, or that spending money on jets that can take off like a helicopter is wasteful and out of touch with current needs (apparently ignoring the fact that the technology was developed in the 1960's).