Monday, April 12, 2010

Ron Paul at SRLC

Ron Paul is the type of leader/s we need in Washington. I am not sure why Ron Paul isn't more popular than he his? If anyone would just listen to him, they should see why he is the only guy in Washington making any sense. His is one of few that believes in The Constitution and let me leave you with this statement for the people that believe that The Constitution is a living and breathing document(that the document is old so we should just take the parts relevant to todays times):

"We are not sufficient of ourselves to stand against it, and if we knock down the law, the Constitution, to chase it with expediency and private justice, what will protect us when it turns around to devour us?

But we should never be a willing victim, and even worse, a silent bystander or mocking accomplice. This is why were you born here and now, to stand witness to the truth, as you can find it and value it above all else."

-via Jesse

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