Friday, February 27, 2009

The showdown 401k vs Roth IRA?

Recently my company cut back on matching my 401k while the economy is upside down. I feel like I am at a bout (temporarily) with investing in my retirement…which one of these is the strongest investment at this current time.

Currently I am putting around 8% of my pay check into my 401k which is actually not losing money at the moment. It will come out to about $6160.08 at the end of the year. This money is also pre-taxed and by making pre-tax contributions, I am lowering my current taxable income.

With my Roth IRA which is after tax contributions, I am currently putting away $200.00/month = $2400.00/year with the limit on the Roth capped at $5000.00.

I am trying to figure out which should win this round? Maybe cut back 2% on my 401k which would put an additional $1540.00 in my Roth for a total of $3940.00/year and making my 401k total to $4620.00/year.

I know once my company starts matching again that I will bump it back up. During the meantime do I add more to my Roth or keep everything where it's at? I will keep you posted I need to do some more research. Please leave feedback!

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